Secret Nailing Method for Tongue and Grove Flooring

We use the Imported Manual 16 Gage Cleat Nailer For Tongue and Grove Flooring Installations.

It's the best way of installing the planks to the battens without any damaging the tongue or the planks. Model 45R secret nailer is specially designed only for tongue and grove flooring plank instillation and it's the only solution to avoid damaging the planks when nailing.

Model 45R secret nailer is much powerful than most of the nailers and the reason is the great strength Sri Lankan solid woods.  Most of the other nailing techniques are incomparable with the Model 45R for it's power.

The nails are also specially designed for the nailing machine and also to avoid pulling back from the wooden battens once installed.

MANUAL 16 Gage Cleat Nailer
Model 45/45R

The Models 45R are recommended for the installation of 3/4" to 5/8" and 33/32" tongue and groove flooring. The Model 45R is a multi-blow nailer which uses a ratcheting mechanism to allow the user to strike multiple times while driving a nail. Both the 45R are manual nailers and do not require an air compressor.

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Tongue and Groove Flooring Method

Tongue and groove is mostly used in conjunction with small pieces of wood or other materials to form one continuous deck.

Each individual pieces are made with a tongue pointing outward and a grove carved in to the material. Them they can be interlocked in to each other as per the required style. It makes a solid and strong interlocks between each pieces. And each piece is permanently nailed to a batten using special equipment.

This method is much popular for it’s easy to install, strength and for the great finishing. And also it has a ton of flooring patterns to choose with.

This method of joining can make the floor waterproof with a good top coating, easily to install, less amount of adhesive is required and easy to maintain.

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Tongue and Grove Method

Parquet Flooring Method

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Parquet Method

This method uses small pieces of solid wood and they are laid to a pattern and glued to the surface. Mostly this method is used only with solid woods.

The floor is prepared first or it can be laid on top of an existing floor and the pieces are glued tight according to a pattern. The great advantage of this method is the laying pattern can change as per the clients request as they can be arranged at any method.

The finishing is remarkable and can make watertight with a good top coating and the laying styles are countless. And it has the capability to refinish a number of times because of the solid wood material.

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